Jurassic Quest Indoor Attractions

Largest Dinosaurs in History!

Jurassic Quest has the Largest Dinosaurs ever found on earth. With more than 100 Dinosaurs to see, no other dinosaur event even comes close.

Dinosaur Bounce Houses

We have many big dinosaur themed bounce houses including those designated for smaller children. (Note: Socks are required and sold at the event)

Animal Art Temporary Tattoos

Get a tattoo featuring your favorite dinosaurs or other exotic animal!

Dinosaur Crafts

Sit down and enjoy our free crafts table. Kids have the option to create their own paper dinosaur or choose from crafts and coloring pages.

Dinosaur Rides

Children can ride an the back of our special animatronic dinosaurs. There all lots of different species to ride and our guests always find their favorite.

Fossil Digs

Young Paleontologists can uncover huge triceratops fossils, T-Rex fossils and more. Unearth million year old secrets just like a real paleontologist!

Baby Dinos

Meet our baby Triceratops, Camarasaurus and more! Amazing life-like little animals are a Jurassic Quest exclusive and a fan favorite!

Walking Dinosaurs

See our adolescent dinosaurs run around and play with the audience. Take photos, touch and hang out with our dinos during appearances.

Ancient Oceans Exhibit!

Now see under water Sea Dwellers including enormous pre-historic Sea Turtles, the earliest discovered Dolphins and 50 foot Megalodon!