Frequently Asked Questions

What is the JQ Ticket Guarantee?

Purchase your tickets with confidence with the JQ Ticket Guarantee. The JQ Ticket Guarantee protects you if your Jurassic Quest event is cancelled for any reason by automatically refunding 100% of the full ticket purchase amount to the credit card on file from your original purchase. The guarantee exclusively applies to show cancellations and does not cover any other reasons why you may not be able to attend the event or requests to change the date or time of your visit.

Are my tickets good for one day or all three days

Tickets are good for one day only. You choose which day you would like to attend when purchasing online. If your plans change and you need to attend on a different day within the same weekend, then please reach out to our customer service so they can change the day on your ticket order.

I bought tickets as a gift. Do you have a brochure or something I can print out and include with the tickets?

Yes! you can find our printable brochure here:

Can we buy tickets at the door?

We recommend buying tickets in advance online to guarantee your admission in case of a sell out. If the event has not sold out, there will be tickets available at the door.

Are the events indoors?

Jurassic Quest events are usually held indoors. However, in some cases there may be activities set up outside under tents if weather permits.

Do you have a group discount?

Yes. For our regular events, groups of 10-19 will be automatically discount 10% off at checkout. For groups of 20 or more, contact - For our drive-thru events, a large capacity vehicle is priced at a special rate. The cost is more than a regular car/truck but is discounted when taking the number of people inside into consideration. contact for more info and to buy tickets

Can I get a refund if I purchase tickets online and am unable to attend the event?

Online ticket sales are final unless the event has been canceled.

Are there adult VIP tickets?

We do not have Adult VIP Tickets due to weight restrictions on the dinosaur rides and inflatables. Adults choose the Adult Ticket, which is a general admission ticket that allows you to accompany your child to all the activities and rides.

Do you have a schedule for future events?

All of our event locations are listed on our website. Please visit our “Upcoming Events” page of our website to find our schedule, and stay tuned through our website and Facebook since we announce dates as we go!

Does it cost to park?

Some venues do charge for parking while others do not. You would need to contact the venue directly to determine if they are charging for parking.

Are cameras or video recording permitted?


Can I use my credit card throughout the event?


Are there vendors with food available?

Yes, there will be food vendors at the event.

Who can use the Police/Military discount?

Active duty police officers, firefighters, paramedics and active and retired military personnel which includes veterans. Their spouse and children are also included in the discount and an ID must be presented at the event.

Is the event wheelchair accessible? Do you rent them? Can we bring a stroller.

We are a handicap accessible event, however it is up to the venue to provide wheelchair rentals. You can contact the venue to see what they have available.

Are service dogs allowed?


What are the height and weight requirements for the rides and inflatables?

The largest stationary dinosaur rides and the largest dino bounce house have a minimum height requirement of 36", however there are several other stationary dinosaur rides, as well as walking dinosaur rides, and dino bounce houses that smaller children can do. All rides and bounce houses have a maximum weight limit of 140 lbs.

Can we bring food into the exhibit?

Although some venues have a policy against food and drinks, we recommend bringing small snacks and drinks in a bag. The venue does provide food vendors. However, you can also leave a coooler in your car and go out to eat, and then re-enter within the same day. Just be sure to get your hands stamped before you leave! You can leave to eat and then return within the same day, however the venue might charge you for parking to re-enter.

Are there any added expenses?

The only activities not included in the VIP Ticket are Face Painting and Green Screen Photography. Activity tickets that can be purchased at the "Tickets for Activities" booth inside the event are required to do Face Painting and Green Screen Photography. Face Painting is $5 (one activity ticket). Green Screen Photography is $10 for 4x6 (two activity tickets) and $20 for 6x8 (four activity tickets). We also have a huge dinosaur gift shop.

I won free tickets! Where do I get my tickets and can I upgrade my child's ticket to a VIP.

Either the radio station will have your free tickets or they will coordinate with us to have your name at will call. Please check with the station first before coming to the event.

What are the rides like?

We have Stationary Dinosaur Rides and Walking Dinosaur Rides. Our Stationary Dinosaur Rides are our largest dinosaur rides, and they are animatronic so they move in place. Our Walking Dinosaur Rides are smaller dinosaur rides, and they move forward slowly. We also have Dino Scooters for ages 3 and under, which require an adult to push the child around on.

Can we leave and come back on the same day?

Yes, but be sure to get your hands stamped on the way out.

How long does the event take to go through?

How long you stay with us is up to you. We are a go-at-your-own-pace event. We have over 100 dinosaurs in our exhibit, as well as dinosaur rides and a ton of activities! The only scheduled shows we have are our Walking Dinosaur Show and our Baby Dinosaur Show, which make appearances every couple hours throughout each day. Their schedules are listed on “The Attractions” page of our website. You could choose to spend a few hours with us or stay all day!

I don't have a printer, can I show my tickets from my phone or tablets?

Yes, You can show the QR code right from your phone or tablet. You can also just give them your name and email address at the door and we can look you up.

Are tickets available at the door or only online?

You can purchase tickets at the gate until sell out. However, purchasing online ahead of time ensures entry in case of sell out.

How much are Activity Tickets?

Activity tickets are $5 each. Activity tickets are necessary if you have purchased the Regular Kids Ticket or for children under two years old, which are free admission. Activity tickets are required for rides, inflatables, and more. The Kids VIP Ticket includes unlimited activities and rides, which is the best option for children ages 2-12. Green Screen Photography and Face Painting are the only activites not included in the VIP ticket.

Can my child under 2 years old do the activities?

General admission for children under 2 is free. That means you do not need to pay anything for your child to see the dino exhibit, the interactive baby dinosaur show, the walking dinosaur show, and more. Individual activities require activity tickets from our "Tickets for Activities" booth inside the event. Each activity ticket is $5 and counts for one ride or activity. For the child's safety, the two largest stationary dinosaur rides and the largest dino bounce house have a minimum height requirement of 36", however there are several other stationary dino rides, as well as walking dino rides and bounce houses that smaller children can do. We also have Dino Scooters for kids 3 and under.

What does my child get without the VIP pass?

They get to view all of the dinosaurs in the exhibit, participate in the arts and crafts, science station and watch movies in the dino theater. They'll also have access to the interactive baby dinosaur show and the walking dinosaur show. There are rides and activities that require activity tickets that you can purchase at the "Tickets for Activities" booth inside the event for $5 each without the VIP ticket. If the child plans to do more than one activity, you can upgrade to the VIP ticket at the "Tickets for Activities" booth inside the event.

What does my child get for the VIP price?

In addition to having access to the dinosaur exhibit, science station, crafts and coloring station, excavation station (limit 1 per VIP), and watch movies in the dino theater, they'll have access to the interactive baby dinosaur show and the walking dinosaur show as well. The VIP ticket adds unlimited turns on activities and rides, which includes the inflatables, stationary and walking dinosaur rides, fossil digs, bungee pull, dino scooters, and more, without having to pay for individual rides or featured attractions. Face Painting and Green Screen Photography are the only activities not included in the VIP ticket.

When is the best time to attend?

Our events tend to be less crowded on Fridays or late in the afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays (after 4 pm).