Interested in taking a group on a Jurassic Quest?

Bringing your group to Jurassic Quest is the perfect educational, entertaining, immersive and affordable outing for school groups, scout troops, daycares, associations, teams and employees! Go back in time to experience an unforgettable outing with your group at one of our upcoming events! Discounts are available for qualifying groups.

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A Day At Jurassic Quest Includes All of This and More!

- We have more true-to-life size dinosaurs in each location than any other touring dinosaur event. Its an INCREDIBLY REALISTIC dinosaurs exhibit!
- Stationary Dinosaur Rides: Ride on the back of our LARGEST, animatronic dinosaurs, including our two LARGEST dinosaur rides, which are our Carnotaurus and our T. rex - 10 ft. HIGH and 24 ft. long
- Walking Dinosaur Rides: Ride on the back of our walking, animatronic dinosaurs! We have many species to choose from to ensure that kids get to take a ride on their favorite dino
- Exhibit Tour: Tag along with our dinosaur expert to explore our exhibit and hear all about our dinosaurs, from scientific findings to fun facts
- Baby Dinosaur Show: Our Baby Dinosaurs love to be carried around and interact with our guests! Pet, love, and play with our baby dinos all throughout the day
- Walking Dinosaur Show: Our Walking Dinosaurs make many appearances each day! These mischievous dinosaurs love to interact, play and nibble on our guests
- Fossil Dig: Bring out your young paleontologists to dig and uncover real fossils
- Dino Scooters: Roll around on our mini-dinos on wheels for a fun and fast ride (for ages 3 & under)
- Dino Bounce Houses: We have a TON of Dino Bounce Houses ranging from huge dino slides to a unique bungee pull and dino obstacle courses
- Jurassic Jeeps: Kids can drive around in a Jurassic Jeep to feel as if they are leading the journey through prehistoric times
- Science Station: Make your own plaster fossil to take home
- Dino Cinema: Take a seat and watch some entertaining, and educational, prehistoric films!
- Toddler Petting Zoo: Toddlers can pet, play, and sit on our baby dinosaur figures in our dino petting zoo
- Excavation Station: Chip away and uncover your very own REAL FOSSIL
- Crafts & Coloring Station: Kids can expand their creativity by designing their own paper dinosaur
- Face Painting: Choose from a ton of different dino designs - for both the young and old
- Green Screen Photography: Take a photo to make it look like your family is riding a brontosaurus or getting chased by a T. Rex
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The Largest Exhibition of Lifesize, Moving, Museum-Quality Dinosaurs in North America!