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Featured Attraction Schedule

Interactive Baby Dinos

These little guys love to play. You'll see them out and about at the times listed below:


4pm - 4:30pm
6pm - 6:30pm
7pm - 7:30pm


10am - 10:30am (Sat & Sun)
12n - 12:30pm (Sat & Sun)
2pm - 2:30pm (Sat & Sun)
4pm - 4:30pm (Sat & Sun)
6pm - 6:30pm (Sat & Sun)
7pm - 7:30pm (Sat only)

Walking Dinosaurs

Our adolescent dinosaurs are a crowd favorite. They love to run around and make people cheer! See them at the times listed below:


3:30pm - 4pm
5:30pm - 6pm
6:30pm - 7pm


10:30am - 11am
1pm - 1:30pm
3:30pm - 4pm
5:30pm - 6pm
6:30pm - 7pm

Upcoming Events

Vancouver, WA

Clark County Event Center
November 15-17, 2019
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Grand Rapids, MI

DeVos Place
November 15-17, 2019
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San Jose, CA

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
November 22-24, 2019
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Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Convention Center
November 22-24, 2019
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Knoxville, TN

Knoxville Convention Center
December 6-8, 2019
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Dallas, TX

Dallas Fair Park
December 6-8, 2019
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Pomona, CA

Fairplex in Pomona
December 13-15, 2019
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Nashville, TN

Music City Center
December 13-15, 2019
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Puyallup, WA

Washington State Fairgrounds
December 28-29, 2019
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Edison, NJ

New Jersey Convention and Expo
December 28-30, 2019
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Oaks, PA

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
January 3-5, 2020
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Anaheim, CA

Anaheim Convention Center
January 3-5, 2020
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Del Mar, CA

Del Mar Fairgrounds
January 10-12, 2020
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Timonium, MD

Maryland State Fairgrounds
January 10-12, 2020
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Conway, AR

Conway Expo and Event Center
January 17-19, 2020
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Monterey, CA

Monterey Fairgrounds
January 17-19, 2020
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Tucson, AZ

Pima County Fairgrounds
January 24-26, 2020
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Chantilly, VA

Dulles Expo Center
January 24-26, 2020
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Sandy, UT

Mountain America Expo Center
January 31 - February 2, 2020
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Louisville, KY

Kentucky Exposition Center
Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2020
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Pittsburgh, PA

David L Lawrence Convention Center
February 7-9, 2020
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Des Moines, IA

Iowa Events Center
February 14-16, 2020
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Syracuse, NY

New York State Fairgrounds
February 14-16, 2020
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Roanoke, VA

Berglund Center
February 21-23, 2020
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See over 80 True-To-Life Size Dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus Rex
and many more!

Jurassic Quest Reviews

Great To See Her Be A Kid!

“I want to thank you for the tickets to Jurassic Quest! We had an amazing time riding dinosaurs and bouncing in the bounce houses. It was also my other daughter’s birthday so it made the whole trip extra special! Thank you to the donor who made this possible. After an especially difficult medical year it’s great to see her be a kid”.
Casey Cares Foundation
August, 2019

Extremely Pleased!

Attended Jurassic Quest with two 6 year olds and a 4 month old and their moms at the Downtown Convention Center in Raleigh. My grandkids loved their previous visits and this time was no different. Great activity for kids, parents and grandparents! This was the best Jurassic Quest of the three we have attended...Norfolk, Richmond and Raleigh. Venue was beautful and comfortable! Easy and inexpensive parking available next door to venue! Last time I reviewed Jurassic Quest, I offered some suggestions for improvement and I was extremely pleased to see that a great deal of them were implemented. Made for a much better experience! 1. Clear signage allowed us to quickly get into the event. 2. Ticketing area was very organized, easily accessible and efficiently run. Staff was very friendly. We went on a Sunday morning so maybe that was the best time. 3. Security was visible from the front door and were very friendly and professional. 4. Jurassic Quest staffers were all over and easily identified. 5. Exhibit, game and concession areas were very clean and spaced out so all could enjoy. Many chairs available for adults. 6. Dino exhibit was off to one side away from rides so kids could enjoy without being distracted by the rides. Nice signage for each dino. Lighting was perfect. Dinos were huge and realistic for kids especially for my dino loving grandkids who thoroughly examined each one. 7. Show times for baby dinos and walking dino were clearly visible and an audible announcement was made prior to each show. 8. Store was separate and had toys, models, tshirts, books, games and such at a variety of prices. Though some prices were high (think circus prices), there were also many items that were very reasonable. There was also a section for balloons and some very popular "walking" dinosaur balloons. A store discount was given to anyone with VIP band. 9. Face painting and green screen pics were not included in the general or VIP ticket prices but were located off to the side and had clear signage for getting tickets. 10. A science center with artifacts and fossils, a dig center and a fossil creation center were included. Create your fossil as early as possible so the mold has time to set before you leave . 11. Kids need socks to play in bounce houses. Forgot your socks? They have them for $1/pair. 12. Bounce houses, stationary dino rides and walking dino rides were at the opposite end of the arena and cordoned off so that kids did not have to stand in long looping lines. NOTE: Hair covers were provided to wear under helmets at riding dinos! Much more sanitary! 13. Concession area had tables and chairs and expanded food selections served hot! Had separate drink/snack stations. Much improved! 14. Plenty of large very clean restrooms all around the arena and even had a Mamava lactation pod. NICE!!! 15. Ticket prices are still high for kids. Get the VIP tickets so you don't have buy separate tickets for rides. VIP ticket includes access to everything except face painting and pictures. Also got a backpack with a model dino. 16. You can save the online ticketing fees if you buy at the arena. I bought my tickets online because I didn't want to risk a sellout but each to his own. (We had too far to drive to risk not getting a ticket.) 17. Chairs were placed all around the venue so accompanying adults could rest or help with shoes. Overall Advice -Geared to kids ages 2-8 or 9 (if they love dinos) -Buy the VIP tickets for kids -Bring socks for kids and easy on/off shoes -Go early on a weekday or Sunday -Make your fossil first so it can dry -Go straight to the rides to avoid lines -The dino exhibit will be less crowded after the initial rush. Can then take better pics. -Pack snacks or eat before you arrive or prepare to pay carnival prices for food -Note times for baby dino shows and get your kids there 2-3 minutes early to get a chance to pet the dinos. Adults need to step back from the gates so kids can see. You can still get your pics without blocking other kids from the fence. -Event is for kids. Remember that! Take it all in through their lense. -If you can't afford it, skip it! Don't go and then complain! Yes, it is much like a fair or carnival but they are transparent about all charges before you purchase. It's not like you didn't know. -Pack a positive are watching you. Improvements Needed -Ticket prices for adults are too high. You have nothing in the arena for adults. The money saved from adult tickets can be spent on food or toys. LOL! -VIP tickets should include the picture or a higher store discount. Let the buyer choose which one. -Consider discounts for multiple VIP and/or adult tickets. The Raleigh venue was awesome!!!! Will be back if it returns to Raleigh.
Rhonda M.
Raleigh NC
July 5 2019

Amazing Experience!

We attended the Jurassic Quest event at Tampa Fairgrounds and what an amazing experience to see a full functioning animatronic life sized dinosaur show. Something for kids of all ages even us big kids! Starting with the the baby Dino show with it's amazing real life like babies. Found out later they were created by the same man who made ET! No wonder they kept the families engaged and entertained for the 30 min. Then on to the team at the fossil table where very informative and also engaged the crowd. They actually have real fossils and explain the history behind them. Next the main attraction the largest realistic dinosaur show. We expected to see an ordinary show but was pleasantly surprised to find out there was so much more than just walking through. There were interactive games, dino rides, face painting, fossil digs, and even have your picture riding your favorite Dino. Everyone can even make their own fossil from a mold to take home at no cost! We had the pleasure of meeting a young man named Zach Rowley who was making sure each exhibit was accurate to the dinosaur.and asked if we could ask a few questions about their setup. He was so insightful we cannot express enough thanks as to what it really takes to set up their show. The most interesting thing we discovered was how much hard work and effort goes on behind the scenes to prepare for the set up to make this a great experience for everyone. In a day and half, they set up over 100 Dinos and their habitat and all the games. Who knew they're even inspected to make sure all is safe for your family. Great job to the Jurassic Quest team for and outstanding job! Once again what a great and insightful experience for the whole family!
Patty K.
Garrison Tx
July 20, 2019

A Unique, Well-Run Day of Dinosaurs

We attended the Jurassic Quest event in Cincinnati at the Duke Energy Convention Center and it was so much fun! We went mainly for our 4 year old son, but even our 1.5 year old daughter had a good time. It was definitely a busy place, but that's only because it's so great! The realistic setups of the dinosaurs were amazing! I loved that they had signs for each one to tell about them (and how to pronounce the names to my son ha). We loved the baby dinosaurs and getting to pet them and how they seem so lifelike! Both of our kids enjoyed riding on the motorized dinosaurs and my son loved getting to sit on and control the large stationary dinosaur. My son also really loved getting his face painted - and I loved the green screen photo of our whole family riding on a brontosaurus (maybe?). My mom was also with us and she got a photo of her and the kids running away from dinosaurs haha. We didn't really do much of the inflatable things because we had run out of time. They have a lot of other activities there outside of what I reviewed - but I'm only reviewing the things that we did. The Jurassic Quest crew also do a great job with the show. Like I said in the beginning, these events bring in a lot of people - but they have systems in place that make it pretty easy. For example, you can sign up to get your face painted or get a green screen photo, and instead of standing there waiting in line, you get put in a virtual line and then they text you updates of your status in line. When it gets close, you make your way over to that station and you're ready to get your face painted! I was happy that we didn't spend time waiting in those lines and got to go do some of the other dinosaur activities. I'd recommend getting to the event earlier rather than later. It definitely got busier around 11-12. Overall we had a great time and would gladly recommend it as a fun family activity!
Stefanie K
Cincinatti, OH
March 9, 2019

Amazing Experience!!

My family had an amazing time! The dinosaurs were SOO cool, with great information! We learned a ton! There were also tons of activities to keep our 4 year old entertained. Hands down a wonderful experience! The lifesize replicas were very neat and very accurate. They also had two rows of very cool bouncy castles for the kids, real fossils for the kids to take home, crafts, and lots of neat photo opportunities. I would definitely go again! We brought the grandparents too, and they were also impressed!
Kaija G
Calgary, AB, Canada
May 19, 2019

Family Fun Day

This has been an amazing event put on by the staff and organizers with Jurassic Quest! I would recommend it to all my friend and family and have made plans to visit today with several other friends and families with young children. We have been here a few hours and there's no limit to the fun and excitement each member of our family is experiencing! Well work the price of admission and the children's wristband is the highlight I never expected to be so good. My son 2 has tried all rides he could and looking to go for second rounds all over.. We're still exploring and it's so exciting
Steve P
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
June 1, 2019