Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the event take to go through?

Jurassic Quest is a self-guided experience featuring more true-to-life size dinosaurs than any other touring dinosaur event, as well as dinosaur rides and a ton of activities! We recommend planning 1-2 hours to experience everything at your preferred pace.

What is included with a Kids Unlimited Ticket?

The Kids Unlimited Ticket includes standard admission, plus unlimited turns on activities and rides like our custom dinosaur-themed inflatable attractions, stationary and walking dinosaur rides, fossil digs, and more, without having to pay as you go. The Kids Unlimited ticket is the best value for children.

Note: the largest attractions have a 36” height requirement. All rides and inflatable attractions have a maximum weight limit of 140 lbs. Socks are required for inflatables. Kids Standard Tickets and Kids Unlimited Tickets are for children ages 2-10. Facepaint and Green Screen not included.

What is included with the Kids Standard Ticket?

Children can explore all of the dinosaurs, participate in arts and crafts, interact with a baby dinosaur, and enjoy the walking dinosaur show. Additional rides and activities require activity tickets that are available for purchase at the "Upgrades & Tickets" booth inside the event for $6 each. If your child would like to do more than one activity, you can upgrade to the Kids Unlimited Ticket at the "Upgrades & Tickets" booth inside the event.

Are there any added expenses?

A Kids Standard Ticket comes with the option to purchase activity tickets for rides, inflatables entry, and other activities. Guests may also choose to upgrade to the Kids Unlimited Ticket on-site. We recommend the Kids Unlimited Ticket, which allows kids to ride, bounce, dig, learn, and play as much as they want! 

We also offer multiple retail locations to purchase souvenirs, facepaint, green screen, and additional activity tickets or upgrades.

How much are activity tickets?

Activity tickets are $6 each and are necessary with a Kids Standard Ticket or for children under 2 years old who want to experience paid activities. Activity tickets are required for rides, inflatables, and more. Kids Unlimited Ticketholders do not need activity tickets and can take as many turns as they want at activities and rides.

Can a child under 2 do the activities?

General admission for children under 2 years old is free, and your child is welcome to explore the dino exhibit, enjoy the interactive baby dinosaur show, the walking dinosaur show, and more.

Participation in additional activities on site requires an activity tickets from our "Tickets for Activities" booth inside the event. Each activity ticket is $6 and may be redeemed for one ride or activity. 

For your child's safety, the two largest stationary dinosaur rides and the largest dino bounce house have a minimum height requirement of 36". There are several other stationary dino rides, as well as walking dino rides and bounce houses that smaller children can enjoy, as well as the “Triceratots” soft play area for children under age 3. The giant fossil dig is a paid activity that is suitable for young children.

What are the rides like?

We have stationary Dinosaur rides and walking Dinosaur rides. Our stationary Dinosaur rides are our largest dinosaur rides – they are animatronic and move in place. Our walking Dinosaur rides are smaller and move forward slowly.

Are there Adult Unlimited Tickets?

We do not offer Unlimited Tickets for adults due to weight restrictions on the dinosaur rides and inflatables. Adults choose the Adult Ticket, which is a general admission ticket for access to dino viewing and dino shows and allows you to accompany your child to activities and rides.

When is the best time to attend?

Our events tend to be less crowded on Fridays and late afternoon or early evening on Saturdays and Sundays.

What is the best way to buy tickets?

Tickets purchased through the direct link on the Schedule & Tickets page at is the ONLY official way to secure tickets for our events.

Tickets purchased from a site that is not directly linked from may not be legitimate. If you have clicked on a link outside of, we urge customers to double check for authenticity before purchasing tickets from an unauthorized seller.

Jurassic Quest is not responsible for ticket prices/fees paid for tickets purchased on broker or resale sites.

Can we buy tickets at the door?

Absolutely! Please note that weekend mornings and early afternoons are the most popular, and may be crowded. We strongly recommend securing tickets in advance. Our events tend to be less crowded on Fridays and late afternoon/early evening on Saturday and Sunday; those times are your best bet for buying tickets at the door. On site sales are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Ticket prices are subject to applicable taxes and fees both online and on site. Prices are based on demand and subject to change.

Can I pay with cash?

Jurassic Quest is a 100% cashless event. We accept the following forms of electronic payment: debit and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover), Apple Pay, Google Pay and Cash App.

Many venues across the country have moved to cashless transactions for venue concessions and venue parking, with only debit or credit card as accepted forms of payment. Please check the venue website to find out what payments the venue will accept for parking and concessions in advance of your visit.

Can I buy tickets on-site even if the day is sold out online?

Walk-up tickets are subject to availability. We work closely with the venue and local authorities to set capacity limits to ensure the safest experience for everyone. In order to ensure that you are able to attend the event on your desired day, we recommend purchasing tickets in advance online.

Who can use a “Kids Ticket”?

Kids Standard Tickets and Kids Unlimited Tickets are for children ages 2-10. Children UNDER the age of 2 receive free admission, but will need activity tickets to participate in ticketed offerings once inside. Children under the age of 3 may enjoy our free “Triceratots” soft play area (must wear socks). 

Note: the largest attractions have a 36” height requirement. All rides and inflatable attractions have a maximum weight limit of 140 lbs. Socks are required for inflatables.

What else should we bring?

Socks are required for participation with inflatables and our “Tricetatots” soft play area. Socks can be purchased for $1 at any souvenir booth.

What are the height and weight requirements for the rides and inflatables?

The largest stationary dinosaur rides and the largest inflatable attractions have a minimum height requirement of 36". All rides and inflatable attractions have a maximum weight limit of 140 lbs, and maximum age limit of 10 years old

There are several other stationary dinosaur rides, as well as walking dinosaur rides and inflatable attractions, that smaller children can do. There is also the dedicated “Triceratots Area” with soft play equipment, sit-upon dinos and toddler bounce house for children under 3. 

When are my tickets valid?

You'll be asked to choose which day/date you would like to attend Jurassic Quest when purchasing your tickets online. Tickets are good only for the day/date selected.

What is the JQ Ticket Guarantee?

Purchase your tickets with confidence! The JQ Ticket Guarantee protects you if a Jurassic Quest event is canceled for any reason. One hundred percent of the full ticket purchase amount will be automatically refunded to the card on file from your original purchase. The guarantee exclusively applies to show cancellations and does not cover any other reasons why you may not be able to attend the event or requests to change the date of your visit.

Can we leave and come back on the same day?

Unless otherwise indicated when you check in, you will be able to leave and re-enter the event on the same day.

Are the events indoors?

Jurassic Quest events are usually held indoors. In some cases, there may be activities or exhibits set up outside the venue for your family to best enjoy.

I purchased tickets for a specific time slot, but I no longer see time slots online. What does that mean?

To allow our guests ultimate flexibility in their Jurassic Quest experience, the event format has been changed to remove timed entry (time slots)*. Guests who purchased tickets with timeslots may use their existing ticket to attend Jurassic Quest at any time on the day you purchased tickets for. Simply bring your ticket (regardless of the time slot purchased) to Jurassic Quest and attend the event at your own pace. No ticket change is required, and you do not need to contact Customer Service. Please remember that weekend mornings and early afternoons are the most popular and may be crowded. Entry doors close one hour prior to the time listed for event closing each day.

*In cooperation with our venue and ticketing partners, Jurassic Quest events in the following select cities will continue to adhere to timed entry: Oklahoma City, OK; Erie, PA and Edmonton, AB. We ask all guests in these markets to please arrive promptly for the start time printed on your tickets. If you have any questions regarding timed entry, please e-mail the local venue or Jurassic Quest Customer Service.

Can I get a refund if I purchase tickets online and am unable to attend the event?

All ticket sales are final unless the event has been canceled.

Do you have a schedule for future events?

All of our event locations are listed on our website. You can check our schedule on the “Upcoming Events” page or sign up with your zip code to be notified of future dates near you, and stay tuned through our website and Facebook since we announce dates as we go!

Does it cost to park?

Some venues charge for parking while others do not. Contact the venue directly to determine if they are charging for parking. Parking is NOT included with your Jurassic Quest admission ticket.

Do tickets cost more online?

Ticket prices are the same online and at the door on the day of the event. Ticket prices subject to applicable taxes and fees both online and on site. Prices are based on demand and subject to change.

Are cameras or video recording permitted?

Yes, and we’d love to see your rawr-some moments! Share your dino memories with us using @jurassicquest #jurassicquest

Can I use my credit card throughout the event?


Who can use the Police/Military discount?

Active duty police officers, firefighters, paramedics and active and retired military personnel including veterans; and their spouses and children. An ID must be presented at the event.

Is the event wheelchair accessible? Do you rent them?

We are a handicap accessible event. Please contact the venue to see if rentals are available.

Are service dogs allowed?


What’s included in a Quest Merchandise Pack?

Quest Packs are a great way to extend your quest! Buy in advance and you’ll receive several different levels of SURPRISE souvenirs, crafts and activities. Quest Packs will be distributed on site when you are checked into the event.

Will there be additional merchandise and souvenirs available on-site?

Yes, additional souvenirs will be available for purchase on-site via card.

I won free tickets! Where do I get my tickets?

Either the prize-providing partner will have your free tickets, or they will coordinate with us to have your name at will call. Please check with the prize provider first before coming to the event.

I don't have a printer, can I show my tickets from my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can show the QR code right from your phone or tablet. You can also give your name and email address at the door, and we can look you up.

Are there vendors with food available?

Concessions may be available through the venue. Please visit the venue website for concession information. Food is not provided by Jurassic Quest.

Can we bring food into the exhibit?

Please visit the venue website for concession information. Many venues have a policy against outside food and drinks. Some venues provide food for purchase. Please visit the venue website for concession information.