• When is the best time to attend?

    Our events tend to be less crowded on Fridays or late in the afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays (after 4 pm).


  • What does my child get for the VIP price?

    In addition to getting access to all the dinosaurs in the exhibit, participate in the arts and crafts and science tables and watch movies in the dino theater. They'll have access to the interactive Baby dinosaurs and the walking dinosaur show as well. The VIP ticket adds UNLIMITED: playtime in the inflatables, dino rides, fossil digs, bungee pull, dino scooters, excavation brick (one per VIP pass) and more without having to pay for individul rides or featured attractions.

  • What does my child get without the VIP pass?

    They get to view the all of the dinos in the exhibit, participate in the arts and crafts and science tables and watch movies in the dino theater. They'll have access to the interactive Baby dinosaurs and the walking dinosaur show as well.

  • Can my child under 2 years old do the activities?

    General Admission for children under 2 is free. That means you do not need to pay anything for your child to see all the big dinosaurs, baby dinosaurs, walking dinosaurs and more. Activities inside are accessed with a separate ticket from our "ticket for activities" booth. There is a dedicated bounce attraction for children under two but most are for older kids.

  • I never received an email to print my online ticket order.

    Go to the online ticket booth at the event and the give the last 4 digits of the credit card used and the cashier can look up your order.

  • I don’t have a printer, can I show my phone of the tickets I purchased online?

    Yes, but there may be a delay. It just takes a little longer to get your tickets processed. Printing your tickets will expedite your admission.

  • How long does the event take to go through?

    This is up to you. We have 80 dinosaurs through out the exhibit. We have lots of fun activities for the kids. You could spend an hour here with us or choose to stay all day!

  • Can we leave and come back on the same day?

    Yes, but be sure to get your hands stamped on the way out.

  • Are ticket prices different online than at the gate?

    Some venues charge additional fees for buying tickets at the door. We strongly recommend buying your tickets online to save money and to avoid the line sometimes present at the ticket booth.

  • What are the rides like?

    There are rides are for kids under 12 or young adults under 140 lbs.  Some rides for designed specifically for smaller kids under 3. Some of the larger dinos have 4 or 5 steps to climb up to get into the saddle.

  • I won free tickets! Where do I get my tickets and can I upgrade my child's ticket to a VIP.

    Either the radio station will have your free tickets or they will coordinate with us to have your name at will call. Please check with the station first before coming to the event.

  • Are there any added expenses?

    There are additional premium attractions that are optional. Green Screen Photography is $10 for 4x6 and $20 for 6x8. Face Painting is $5 for small and $10 for large.

  • Can we bring food into the exhibit?

    Although Jurassic Quest does not have a policy against food being brought it, many venues have food vendors inside and do not allow it. Snacks for small children are certainly fine.  You can get your hand stamped and leave to eat and return the same day.

  • How tall do kids need to be to ride the dinos or play in the big inflatables?

    The minimum height requirement is 36”, but there are other rides/inflatables designated for smaller children.

  • Are service dogs allowed?


  • Is the event wheelchair accessible? Do you rent them? Can we bring a stroller.

    The event is wheelchair accessible, but we do not rent them.  Various event centers offer wheel chair rentals. We allow strollers.

  • Who can use the Police/Military discount?

    Anyone with an ID - active or retired military, police officers, their spouse and children.

  • Are there vendors with food available?

    Yes, there will be food vendors at the event.

  • Can I use my credit card throughout the event?


  • Are cameras or video recording permitted?


  • Does it cost to park?

    Some venues do charge for parking while others do not. You would need to contact the venue directly to determine if they are charging for parking.

  • Do you have a schedule for future events?

    All of our confirmed event locations are listed on our website

  • Are there adult VIP tickets?

    We do not have adult VIP tickets available due to weight restrictions on the rides/inflatables.

  • Can I get a refund if I purchase tickets online and am unable to attend the event?

    Online ticket sales are final unless the event has been canceled.

  • Do you have a group discount?

    We offer $3 off each ticket for groups of 20 or more and the group would have to arrive together. You can only get this discount at the door.

Frequently Asked Questions

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