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The Jurassic Quest Experience

Why choose Jurassic Quest over other dinosaur events?

Jurassic Quest is North America's largest animatronic dinosaur exhibit with a whole herd of life-sized, realistic dinosaurs and activities for the whole family! We have been entertaining families since 2013 as the longest-running dinosaur event, but every year, we have grown into a bigger and better show. We have three touring shows and are celebrating our tenth anniversary in 2024.

Besides the fact that we are the largest event of our kind, we are also fun and educational, housing the most scientifically accurate dinosaurs around! We have lifelike baby dinosaurs that interact and play, as well as a Raptor Training Experience. The babies come out to visit throughout our event and are one of the highlights of our exhibit. In addition to themed activities, including inflatables designed to get your child's sillies out through active play, we also have our Fossil Experience and a virtual exhibit tour - Tyrano-TOUR-us - that will teach you about prehistoric life. At Jurassic Quest, we believe that dinosaur education and play serve as a 'gateway science,' inspiring children to develop a broader interest in other scientific disciplines!

Where can I find information about the upcoming locations for Jurassic Quest?

Curious about Jurassic Quest's next location? Stay updated on our upcoming events by visiting our website and following us on Facebook! Additionally, you can sign up for notifications about when we'll be in your area by subscribing at Don't miss out on our next migration!

What age is this recommended for?

Jurassic Quest is designed for children aged 2-10, making it perfect for younger kids! Our dinosaur rides and dino inflatables have an age limit of 10 and under, with a maximum weight limit of 140 lbs. Please note that some attractions also have a minimum height requirement of 36".

Which dinosaurs can be found at Jurassic Quest events?

Although not every Jurassic Quest event showcases the same dinosaurs, each show includes an exhibit displaying dinosaurs from a wide range of species that existed over a span of 160 million years. These remarkably detailed dinosaurs have been meticulously crafted in collaboration with renowned paleontologists to ensure they are scientifically accurate as possible! Plus, while your kids are having fun and learning along the way, they will also be burning off their energy too!

Will we meet Dino Trainers? Will Jurassic Quest characters Safari Sarah and Dino Dustin be at the show?

Not all dino trainers travel to all shows, but you are guaranteed to see trainers at every show. You can learn more about them and our adorable baby dinos here:

Is Jurassic Quest an indoor event?

Jurassic Quest events are usually held indoors, unless otherwise indicated when youmake your online purchase. In some cases, there may be activities or exhibits set up outside the venue or in multiple buildings for your family to enjoy.

How much time should we allow to enjoy Jurassic Quest?

Jurassic Quest is a self-guided experience featuring more true-to-life dinosaurs than any other touring dinosaur event, as well as dinosaur rides and a ton of activities. We recommend planning 1-2 hours to experience everything at your own pace.

Please note that the entry doors close one (1) hour before the event closing time each day. You should arrive at least 2 hours before the event closing time for maximum enjoyment.

Are there ways to enjoy Jurassic Quest before and after attending?

You can learn more about our incredible dinosaurs online through our Dino Directoryor by texting our park rangers during show hours at Dino 411, 877-DINO 411 (844) 346-6411 with all your dinosaur questions. The Jurassic Quest Dino Directory can be found here:

Stay up to date with Jurassic Quest by following us on Facebook and Instagram! You can also follow our TikTok or subscribe to our YouTube channel for entertaining additional content, including Fossil Friday, Science Sunday, Dino Day, and Fossil Day. We have even more exciting Jurassic Quest projects online HERE! You can also learn the Jurassic Quest theme song on our YouTube Channel, explore past Science Sundays, Fossil Fridays, and other dinosaur content as well.

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When is the best time to attend to avoid the busiest times?

Our events are usually less busy on Fridays, or during the late afternoon/early evening on Saturdays and Sundays.

Can we bring a stroller or wagon?

Jurassic Quest indoor events are stroller and wagon friendly.

How much do individual activity tickets cost?

Activity tickets are $6 in the U.S. ($8 in Canada) and are required for children with General Admission tickets or children under 2 years old who want to participate in the paid activities. Activity tickets are necessary for rides, inflatables, and more. Kids: Ultimate ticketholders do not need activity tickets for the activities included. However, please be aware that premium activities such as face paint, and green screen photo keepsakes are not included with any ticket.

Does Green Screen Photography and Face Paint cost extra? Where do I purchase these options?

Face Painting and Green Screen Photography are not included in any of the ticket types. These two activities are an additional charge at the event. Guests may purchase upsells at the Dino Store retail stand or any available self-serve kiosk.

Is it possible for a child under 2 to participate in the activities?

Children under two years old can enter for free and do not need a General Admission ticket. Your child is welcome to explore the dinosaur exhibit, watch the dino baby show, experience the Raptor Training, and play in the Tricera-tots soft play area.

If your child under two years old would like to ride the dinosaur rides, play on the dino inflatables, take part in fossil digs, or visit the excavation station, you will need to purchase individual Activity Tickets at any Souvenir stand inside the event. Activity Tickets cost $6 each in the U.S. ($8 in Canada), and each ticket allows for one turn on one ride or activity.

*The larger attractions require a minimum height of 36 inches. All dinosaur rides and inflatable attractions have a maximum weight limit of 140 pounds and a maximum age limit of 10 years old. Socks are required for inflatables. Face Paint and Green Screen are not included in any ticket type.

What is the experience like on the Dino rides?

We offer two types of Dinosaur Rides: stationary and walking. Our stationary Dinosaur Rides are the largest ones we have. They are animatronic and stay in one place while providing movement. On the other hand, our Walking Dinosaur Rides are smaller and move forward at a slow pace. Additionally, we have the T. Wrecks Raceway, where guests can drive battery-powered jeeps in a closed circular lap.

If my child is injured or wearing a cast, can they still go on the rides?

For safety reasons, we strongly advise against allowing any injured child to ride on the stationary, walking rides, or bounce houses. This is because these rides require children to be lifted from under their arms. If a child is unable to grip the handlebars or cannot be lifted, they will not be able to participate in these rides.

What will my child need to participate in all activities? Do I need to bring anything from home?

Socks are required for participation in the inflatables and our Tricera-tots soft play area. If necessary, socks can be purchased for $1 ($2 in Canada) at the Dino Store.

What are the height, weight and age requirements for the rides and inflatables?

The largest stationary dinosaur rides and the largest inflatable attractions have a minimum height requirement of 36". However, there are several other stationary dinosaur rides, walking dinosaur rides, and inflatable attractions that smaller children can enjoy. All dinosaur rides and inflatable attractions have a maximum weight limit of 140 lbs. and a maximum age limit of 10 years old. Additionally, there is a dedicated toddler "Tricera-tots Area" with soft play equipment and a toddler bounce house for children under 3 (socks are required).

Can I wear an inflatable costume or dress up in cosplay?

We have a policy against wearing inflatable costumes. However, we do encourage both adults and children to participate in cosplay and wear traditional non-inflatable costumes. The reason for this policy is that inflatable costumes have the potential to damage exhibits and disrupt the experience of other guests.

I lost an item at the event.

If you discover that you have lost something while still at the event, please report it to one of the team members at the online check-in. They will be able to coordinate with show management to check if your lost item has been found. After the event, you can email with the details of the show, city, and lost item, and our team will conduct a search to determine if it has been found. If your item is located, arrangements will be made for its return. It is advisable to also contact the venue directly, as lost items often remain there.

Are there any additional expenses to attend Jurassic Quest?

General Admission tickets come with the option to purchase individual activity tickets for rides, inflatables, and other activities for youth ages 2-10. Guests may also choose to upgrade to the Kids Ultimate ticket once on-site (at the Dino Store). We recommend the Kids Ultimate ticket, which allows kids to ride, bounce, dig, learn, and play as much as they want. Parking is not included with admission.

We also offer a retail location to purchase souvenirs, face paint, green screen photo keepsakes and additional activity tickets or premium upgrades.

Does parking come at a cost?

Parking fees vary depending on the venue. To find out if there is a charge for parking, please get in touch with the venue directly. It's important to note that parking is NOT included in your Jurassic Quest ticket.

Are cameras or video recording allowed?

Yes, we encourage you to capture your rawr-some moments! Share your dino memories with us by tagging @jurassicquest and using the hashtag #jurassicquest.

Can I use my credit card at the event?

Yes, you can use credit cards for purchasing souvenirs, rides, and activities. However, please note that concessions and parking are handled by the venue. It is recommended to check with the venue beforehand to verify the accepted forms of payment.

Are there any food vendors available at the venue?

On-site food vendors are provided by the venue and are typically concession stand-type vendors.

Can we bring food into the exhibit?

Please visit the venue's website for information about concessions. Many venues have a policy against bringing in outside food and drinks, but generally allow small snacks and children's drinks (such as bottles and sippy cups). You can contact the venue to ask about their policy on outside food and drinks. The venue does offer food for purchase.

Will the Megalodon be at the event?

The Megalodon, along with Ancient Oceans, is not currently included in this tour's attractions. While the species of dinosaurs may vary at each Jurassic Quest event, every show features an exhibit spanning over 160 million years of dinosaurs. If you want more information about the Megalodon, you can check out a Megalodon tooth at the Fossil Table and take fun photos with the Megalodon inflatable. When Ancient Oceans returns to our lineup, we will share the details on our social media platforms.

To learn more about our incredible dinosaurs, you can visit our Dino Directory online or text our park rangers during show hours at 844-DINO411 or (844) 346-6411 with all your dinosaur questions. The Jurassic Quest Dino Directory can be found HERE.

Are there any bag policies?

Bag policies vary by venue. Visit the venue website to learn about their Bag Policy, as Jurassic Quest will enforce it during event hours.

Will there be security provided at the event?

At Jurassic Quest, we prioritize the safety and security of our guests and staff. We collaborate closely with the venue and all relevant authorities to ensure public safety. Furthermore, we consistently evaluate and enhance our plans and procedures to meet or surpass recommended standards.

Is this event based on the bible or evolution?

Jurassic Quest is not a religious event and does not reference any religion. Our exhibit is based on scientific research and is designed to provide fun and entertainment for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Admission Tickets

Which ages require a ticket for entry?

All guests aged 2 and above must have an admission ticket to enter the event. Children under 2 receive free general admission. For children aged 2-10, you can choose between the Kids Ultimate Ticket or the General Admission Ticket. Adults and youth aged 11 and above should choose the General Admission ticket.

What is included with a General Admission Ticket?

The General Admission Ticket (ages 2+) includes admission to the event, allowing guests to explore all areas, meet the dinosaurs, learn at the Fossil Experience, participate in arts & crafts, and enjoy the Raptor Training Experience.

This ticket is intended for guests aged 11+ or children aged 2-10 who do not want rides and activities included in their tickets. Rides and activities for children aged 2-10 can be purchased on site at the Dino Store or at a self-serve kiosk.

What is included with a Kids Ultimate Ticket?

The Kids Ultimate Ticket (ages 2-10) includes all the benefits of General Admission, PLUS access to activities and rides like our custom dinosaur-themed inflatable attractions, stationary and walking dinosaur rides, fossil digs, T.rex Raceway and more, without having to pay-as-you-go. The Kids Ultimate ticket is the best experience for children ages 2-10.

Note: The largest attractions have a minimum height requirement of 36”. All dinosaur rides and inflatable attractions have a maximum weight limit of 140 lbs. and a maximum age limit of 10 years old. Socks are required for inflatables. Souvenirs, Face Paint, Green Screen, and other premium activities are not included with any ticket and can be purchased on-site at the Dino Store.

I would like to upgrade my child's General Admission Ticket to a Kids Ultimate Admission Ticket.

Children between the ages of 2 and 10 can upgrade their General Admission ticket to the Kids Ultimate Ticket at the event by purchasing a Kids Ultimate Upgrade ($16 for U.S. shows, $21 for Canadian shows). Upgrades can be done at the Dino Store, located inside the event.

Who can use a Kids Ultimate ticket?

Kids Ultimate Tickets are for children aged 2-10. Children UNDER the age of 2 receive free General Admission and are allowed to enjoy our Tricera-tots soft play area (must wear socks) at no charge. However, children under 2 will need to purchase ride/activity tickets to participate in ticketed offerings once inside

Are there Adult Ultimate Tickets?

We do not offer Ultimate Admission Tickets for adults or youth ages 11 and up due to age and weight restrictions on the dinosaur rides and inflatables. Our dinosaur rides and inflatables have a maximum age limit of 10 years old and a maximum weight limit of 140 lbs. Adults and youth ages 11 and up should choose the General Admission Ticket, which grants access to dinosaur exhibits, the Raptor Training Children between the ages of 2 and 10 can upgrade their General Admission ticket Experience, the Baby Dino Meet & Greet, and allows adults to accompany younger children to activities and rides.

What is the best way to buy tickets?

Purchasing tickets through the direct link on the Schedule & Tickets page at is the OFFICIAL way to secure tickets for our events and receive the best price.

Tickets purchased from a site that is not directly linked from may not be legitimate. If you have clicked on a link outside of, we urge you to double check for authenticity before purchasing.

Jurassic Quest is not responsible for ticket prices/fees paid for tickets purchased on broker or resale sites.

Can we buy tickets at the door?

Advance purchase is strongly encouraged! Our most popular days and times frequently sell out. Walk-up tickets are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Additional fees may be charged at the entrance. Ticket prices are determined by demand and may change. Both online and at the entrance, all tickets are subject to applicable taxes and fees.

When can I use my tickets?

When you purchase your tickets online, you will need to select the specific day/date you want to attend Jurassic Quest. Unless stated otherwise during purchase, you can arrive on that day/date any time after the event has started. Please note that the entry doors may close up to two hours before the listed closing time on our website for each day.

* In certain cities, we may implement Entry Windows to enhance the guest experience. If this applies to your event, you will be asked to choose a specific time of day to arrive. Once you are at the event, you can stay as long as you want.

Can I receive a refund if I purchase tickets online but am unable to attend the event?

All ticket sales are final, and refunds are only permitted if Jurassic Quest cancels the event.

What should I do if I can't find my order confirmation email containing my tickets?

Please contact with the name and email address on your order, as well as the event city for which you made the purchase.

Will I receive physical tickets?

The QR code on your order confirmation email serves as your ticket. You must present the QR code at check-in, where a staff member will scan it to redeem the tickets from your order.

Can my order be separated into different tickets?

No, there is one QR code per order, not separate tickets. You will present your QR code at check-in to redeem your order.

What happens if everyone in my group does not arrive at the same time?

If not all members of your group are able to arrive at the same time, the person who purchased the tickets is asked to provide a copy of the ticket QR code to guests with different arrival times. The first guests to arrive should tell the attendant which tickets should be checked-in, and those guests will be allowed entry without having to wait for their entire group. The later arriving attendees can check in with the available tickets remaining under that QR code. There may be delays at entry if either the entire group is not present or if members arriving at different times do not also provide a copy of the QR code.

I want to change the dates on my ticket. I would like to attend on a different date than the one I purchased.

Please contact with the city you purchased for, your order number, and the date to which you would like to exchange for the same city. Tickets cannot be transferred between locations or future events.

Why are there service charges?

There are additional fees, as well as taxes, which are displayed directly above the order total in your cart before checkout. The additional fees include a facility fee, a ticketing portal fee, and a convenience fee. Taxes and fees apply to both online andon-site purchases.

I won free tickets! Where do I get my tickets?

Either the prize-providing partner will send your tickets to you in advance, or they will coordinate with us to have your name at will call. Please check with whoever you won the prize from first before coming to the event.

I do not have a printer. Can I show my tickets from my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can show the QR code directly from your phone or tablet. You can also provide your name and email address at the door, and we can look up your purchase.

Do tickets cost more at the door?

Walk-up tickets are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Additional fees may be charged at the entrance. Ticket prices are determined by demand and may change. Both online and at the entrance, all tickets are subject to applicable taxes and fees. On-site ticket purchases may have a slight price increase to accommodate additional processing fees.

Does Jurassic Quest have a military or first responder discount?

Active-duty police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and active or retired military personnel, including veterans, along with their spouses and children, may receive a discount on tickets. An ID must be presented at the event.

Can we leave and come back on the same day?

Unless otherwise indicated at check-in, you will be able to leave and re-enter the event on the same day. If the venue charges for parking, you may be required to pay for parking again upon re-entry.

Can I pay with cash?

Jurassic Quest is a 100% cashless event. The following forms of electronic payment are accepted for tickets, activities, and merchandise: debit and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover), Apple Pay, Google Pay and Cash App. Parking, concessions, and all food/beverage services are operated by the local venue. Many venues across the country have moved to cashless transactions, with only debit or credit cards accepted as forms of payment. Please check the venue website before your visit to find out what payments the venue will accept for parking and concessions.

What is the Jurassic Quest Ticket Guarantee?

Purchase your tickets with confidence! The Jurassic Quest Ticket Guarantee protects you if a Jurassic Quest event is cancelled for any reason. 100% of the full ticket purchase amount will automatically be refunded to the card you used to make your original purchase. The guarantee applies to event cancellations only and does not cover any other reasons why you may not be able to attend the event or requests to change the date of your visit.


Will there be additional merchandise and souvenirs available on-site?

Yes, additional souvenirs will be available for purchase on-site at the Dino Store once you enter the event. The Dino Store accepts the following forms of payment: debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), Apple Pay, Google Pay and Cash App.

What is a Quest Pack? What is included?

Quest Packs are a fantastic way to extend your quest! Buy in advance and you will receive surprise souvenirs, crafts, and activities inside of a drawstring backpack. Quest Packs will be distributed on site when you are checked into the event. Quest Packs do not include admission tickets or upgrades. Quest Pack items may vary.

Can I purchase souvenirs with cash?

Jurassic Quest is a 100% cashless event. We accept the following forms of electronic payment: debit and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover), Apple Pay, Google Pay and Cash App.

Many venues across the country have moved to cashless transactions for venue concessions and venue parking, with only debit or credit cards as accepted forms of payment. Please check the venue website to find out what payments the venue will accept for parking and concessions in advance of your visit.

Are there souvenirs available for purchase online?

There is a limited selection of souvenirs and apparel available through our online shop that can be found here at for your convenience.

I received defective merchandise.

If you are still at the event, please return to the gift shop. A Jurassic Quest team member will then assist you in determining if the item can be replaced. If you require assistance after the show has ended, please contact with photos and any other relevant information for further follow-up


Is the event wheelchair accessible and does Jurassic Quest rent out wheelchairs?

Jurassic Quest indoor events are wheelchair accessible, but we do not provide rentals. You will need to contact the venue directly to inquire about wheelchair or scooter rental availability.

Does Jurassic Quest accept Access 2 cards?

Yes, Jurassic Quest does accept Access 2 cards at our Canadian events. You do not need to purchase a ticket for the support worker. All you need to do is provide your Access 2 card at check-in and one (1) support worker can enter with you for free. Please note that all other attendees, ages 2 and up, will require an admission ticket to enter. If you need more information on Access 2 cards, please visit at your convenience.

Does Jurassic Quest offer accommodations for deaf individuals?

The exhibit tour, Tyrano-TOUR-us, includes subtitles throughout the show. If you plan to bring an interpreter, please contact so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Are service dogs welcome?

Service dogs that provide a task for their handler, as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, are more than welcome! For up-to-date information on service dogs according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, please visit please visit their website, linked HERE.

Are pets and Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) allowed?

Pets are not permitted inside Jurassic Quest events.

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