You're gonna need a bigger weekend. Our world-famous, life-size dinosaurs are meticulously painted and animated to be realer-than-real. Whether you're 3 or 103, this is a one-of-a-kind experience you'll never forget.

Don't miss the Spinosaurus, T-Rex, and so much more!

On your adventure...

Ride A Dino

Jump on a dino’s back and hang on tight! Some of our animatronic dinosaurs are ridable and kids always find their favorite.

Explore Bounce Houses

Our big, dinosaur-themed bounce houses are full of roars …of laughter. Some are designated specifically for small children. (Note: socks are required and sold at the event.)

Create a Dino Craft

Unleash your creativity! The crafts table is free and open to all. Create your own paper dinosaur, color a dino, or choose from other exciting crafts.

Dig for Fossils

Paleontologists of all ages welcome! Uncover ancient secrets like triceratops fossils, T-rex fossils and more at our science tables.


If you think the huge dinos are awesome …just wait. Meet our baby Triceratops, Camarasaurus and more! A fan favorite, these babies are amazingly life-like and yep, cute. Learn More

Walk With Dinosaurs

Our playful adolescent dinosaurs like to run around and play with the audience! Take photos and hang out with our dinos while you’re exploring.


Great fun! Our second time to do this. The grandkinds really loved it!
Janice K.
This was an amazing event with a ton of things to do! I feel like we really got our money's worth. It was so much fun. My girls enjoyed the exhibits, bounce slide, baby dinos, and meeting the walking Dino, Diego. Some events just have the "exhibit" but all of the interactive parts were really awesome. Thanks so much for the experience... we are all very glad we went!!!
Daryl V.
My grandson wanted to go back the next day! We all had a blast! Fun family adventure!
Melissa S.
My two year old enjoyed himself! He didn't want to leave!
Natasha J.