Frequently Asked Questions about the Quest Packs

Can I exchange my Quest Pack for other available merchandise?
In order to limit unnecessary contact, we are not able to accommodate exchanges at this time.
Will other merchandise be available on site?
We will have limited quantities of additional Dino-rrific souvenirs available for purchase.
What if I want to upgrade my pre-purchased Quest Pack?
Due to limited quantities of Quest Packs available at the drive-thru, we are not able to accommodate upgrades at this time.
I have multiple kids, should I buy multiple Quest Packs?
Each Quest Pack may come with a unique combination of items so we recommend 1 per child.
How can I get a Quest Pack?
You can purchase Quest Packs on our site when you purchase your drive-thru ticket or at the Quest Pack stop in the drive-thru. Limited quantities available at the drive-thru, so we encourage buying in advance!