Jurassic Quest Reviews

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Extremely Pleased!

Attended Jurassic Quest with two 6 year olds and a 4 month old and their moms at the Downtown Convention Center in Raleigh. My grandkids loved their previous visits and this time was no different. Great activity for kids, parents and grandparents! This was the best Jurassic Quest of the three we have attended...Norfolk, Richmond and Raleigh. Venue was beautful and comfortable! Easy and inexpensive parking available next door to venue! Last time I reviewed Jurassic Quest, I offered some suggestions for improvement and I was extremely pleased to see that a great deal of them were implemented. Made for a much better experience! Will be back if it returns to Raleigh.
Rhonda M.
Raleigh NC
July 5 2019

Great To See Her Be A Kid!

“I want to thank you for the tickets to Jurassic Quest! We had an amazing time riding dinosaurs and bouncing in the bounce houses. It was also my other daughter’s birthday so it made the whole trip extra special! Thank you to the donor who made this possible. After an especially difficult medical year it’s great to see her be a kid”.
Casey Cares Foundation
August, 2019

Amazing Experience!

We attended the Jurassic Quest event at Tampa Fairgrounds and what an amazing experience to see a full functioning animatronic life sized dinosaur show. Something for kids of all ages even us big kids! Starting with the the baby Dino show with it's amazing real life like babies. Found out later they were created by the same man who made ET! No wonder they kept the families engaged and entertained for the 30 min. Then on to the team at the fossil table where very informative and also engaged the crowd. They actually have real fossils and explain the history behind them. Next the main attraction the largest realistic dinosaur show. We expected to see an ordinary show but was pleasantly surprised to find out there was so much more than just walking through. There were interactive games, dino rides, face painting, fossil digs, and even have your picture riding your favorite Dino. Everyone can even make their own fossil from a mold to take home at no cost! We had the pleasure of meeting a young man named Zach Rowley who was making sure each exhibit was accurate to the dinosaur.and asked if we could ask a few questions about their setup. He was so insightful we cannot express enough thanks as to what it really takes to set up their show. The most interesting thing we discovered was how much hard work and effort goes on behind the scenes to prepare for the set up to make this a great experience for everyone. In a day and half, they set up over 100 Dinos and their habitat and all the games. Who knew they're even inspected to make sure all is safe for your family. Great job to the Jurassic Quest team for and outstanding job! Once again what a great and insightful experience for the whole family!
Patty K.
Garrison Tx
July 20, 2019

A Unique, Well-Run Day of Dinosaurs

We attended the Jurassic Quest event in Cincinnati at the Duke Energy Convention Center and it was so much fun! We went mainly for our 4 year old son, but even our 1.5 year old daughter had a good time. It was definitely a busy place, but that's only because it's so great! The realistic setups of the dinosaurs were amazing! I loved that they had signs for each one to tell about them (and how to pronounce the names to my son ha). We loved the baby dinosaurs and getting to pet them and how they seem so lifelike! Both of our kids enjoyed riding on the motorized dinosaurs and my son loved getting to sit on and control the large stationary dinosaur. My son also really loved getting his face painted - and I loved the green screen photo of our whole family riding on a brontosaurus (maybe?). My mom was also with us and she got a photo of her and the kids running away from dinosaurs haha. We didn't really do much of the inflatable things because we had run out of time. They have a lot of other activities there outside of what I reviewed - but I'm only reviewing the things that we did. The Jurassic Quest crew also do a great job with the show. Like I said in the beginning, these events bring in a lot of people - but they have systems in place that make it pretty easy. For example, you can sign up to get your face painted or get a green screen photo, and instead of standing there waiting in line, you get put in a virtual line and then they text you updates of your status in line. When it gets close, you make your way over to that station and you're ready to get your face painted! I was happy that we didn't spend time waiting in those lines and got to go do some of the other dinosaur activities. I'd recommend getting to the event earlier rather than later. It definitely got busier around 11-12. Overall we had a great time and would gladly recommend it as a fun family activity!
Stefanie K
Cincinatti, OH
March 9, 2019

Amazing Experience!!

My family had an amazing time! The dinosaurs were SOO cool, with great information! We learned a ton! There were also tons of activities to keep our 4 year old entertained. Hands down a wonderful experience! The lifesize replicas were very neat and very accurate. They also had two rows of very cool bouncy castles for the kids, real fossils for the kids to take home, crafts, and lots of neat photo opportunities. I would definitely go again! We brought the grandparents too, and they were also impressed!
Kaija G
Calgary, AB, Canada
May 19, 2019

Family Fun Day

This has been an amazing event put on by the staff and organizers with Jurassic Quest! I would recommend it to all my friend and family and have made plans to visit today with several other friends and families with young children. We have been here a few hours and there's no limit to the fun and excitement each member of our family is experiencing! Well work the price of admission and the children's wristband is the highlight I never expected to be so good. My son 2 has tried all rides he could and looking to go for second rounds all over.. We're still exploring and it's so exciting
Steve P
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
June 1, 2019


The whole day was absolutely fantastic! I am from Drumheller ( home of The Royal Tyrell Museum) and this was way more kid friendly , fun, hands on ! It was just an absolute delight taking my 2 friends children! Their delights were endless ! There is nothing like watching a child be astonished by something this Grand! I sincerely hope you come back around! And I recommended this to others for your Edmonton or BC tour dates! Well done!
Dawn B
Lethbridge, Canada
May 13, 2019

We ALL Had A Blast!

I took my two sons, ages four and six to this event over the weekend. We all had a blast!! The staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome. I ended up being by myself and the first exhibit of course required a parent for each child. Without even asking for help an amazing staff member stepped up to help push my little guy on a Dino. He then came to find us 15 minutes later to make sure that everyone was having a great time and brought each of my boys a Dino pet balloon. We will for sure be visiting again when Jurassic Quest makes it back to the DC area.
Desiree M
Fairfax, VA
April 4, 2019

Will Return Next Year!

Brought my son (age 3.5) and nephew (age 2.5) to event in Edison, NJ. We went at opening on a Saturday. There was no line to get in or lines for any activity. The boys had a great time, we spent 3.5 hours there! There was a ton for the little ones to do, all included in VIP admission. Only thing I spent extra on was a walking dinosaur balloon my son wanted, which was adorable and he's still walking around with it 2 days later! The boys made fossils, crafts, dug for dinosaur bones, went on mini jeeps, rode on stationary Dino rides, saw the shows and exhibits. Lots of bouncy houses but we honestly only spent 5 minutes in one, there was so much there to entertain the little ones. Sorry others had a negative experience, ours was great. Will return next year!
Laura C
Cranford, NJ
December 31, 2018

So Worth It!

We visited when JQ came to Georgia! It was well worth it and I would totally bring my kids back!!! They had TALL and BIG dinosaurs that moved! It was staged nicely with descriptions explaining each dinosaur. They also had a photo booth that was so adorable! My daughter and son was able to "ride" the dinosaur and climb into the egg shells for photos. They had a section where you can wait in line and actually ride a moving dinosaur, SO WORTH it for the kids experience! They also had green screen photo booths that are adorable! This whole experience was amazing and just to see my kids eyes light up, a blessing!!!!
Andy V
Lawrenceville, GA
December 8, 2018

Had A Freakin' Blast!

We took our son who is absolutely obsessed with Dino's and his little best friend and they had a freakin blast!! We went right at opening 9am and it was not crowded at all but did start getting crowded towards the afternoon. We stayed til just about 6pm we purchased the vip passes for the kids and they just went crazy going on everything over and over but what stood out to me the most was even at this sold out event with allllll the kids and parents the customer service was so on point everyone was friendly and helpful and that's very much appreciated because you don't find good customer service now days especially not at crowded events.. two ladies really caught my attention though, Ebony and Crystal at the TriceraTots kiddy jumper I was really impressed with the way they handled everything. They were so friendly and always had smiles and what I really liked is when ending each session they didn't just toss your kid into a crowd and say "get out, times up" each kid was handed to their parents or made sure the parent made eye contact to send them over and that is very much appreciated because people were pushing and shoving all over but they made sure those babies were taken care of. They had really good attitudes and I just really loved their personalities and all together presence. Thank you JQ for a great experience all around.
Stephanie M
Torrence, CA
November 5, 2018

Amazing Time at Jurassic Quest!

We had an amazing time at Jurassic Quest today. We drove all the way from Tri-Cities to take my five-year-old son for his first time and we were there for hours. So many amazing memories were made today.
Danell B
Wenatchee, WA
September 24, 2018

See you next time!

"See you next time"... That's what my 3 year old great grand son said although he was scared of the dinosaurs at first. He loves to watch them on TV and talks all the time about them. He is the one that prompted me to buy the tickets because he kept seeing the advertisement on TV. Really surprising was my grandson – 12 years old – he always loved dinosaurs and has books about them but he thought he wouldn’t have fun (when I purchased the tickets, he was 12, but his birthday was Sunday!). He thought it wouldn’t be fun but he really did enjoy it. It was a good birthday present for him, too, although it was meant for my 3-year old great grandson! Hopefully, next time he won’t be afraid! Blessings to you Jurassic Quest!
Shirley B
Columbus, OH
September 17, 2018

Everyone was so awesome and caring.

This was so much fun! I need to give a shout out to everyone that works this event. Everyone was so awesome and caring for each kid that came up to their area. They made my kids laugh and made sure they were safe at the same time. Can't wait for the next time JQ comes around 🦕
Dave W
Daytona Beach, FL
September 7, 2018

Do Not Miss This!

Fabulous! Every single employee had a smile on their face and was so friendly, helpful and happy. I cannot say enough how wonderful the staff was. They can come work for me any day! The dinosaurs were great! Definitely worth the ticket price. If your little one loves dinosaurs, DO NOT MISS THIS! Lines were not too long. Everything was top notch and life like and fun. We loved it!!! Hope you come back to Springfield, Illinois
Laura Ann W
Springfield, IL
May 20, 2018

Good Job JQ!

I was a little skeptical about this event because of some of the reviews, but I must admit that it was a great experience! My 4 year old son absolutely loved it! The dinosaur exhibits were awesome and very well made. They really did a good job in making them look as believable as real as possible and some of these dinosaurs were huge! There were activities for the kids, such as fossil digging, crafts, face painting, etc. There were a few "rides" where the kids could ride a dinosaur and drive a jeep. Yes, the event was crowded and the lines were long, but as long as you get there early you should have enough time to do everything. We got there about 30 mins after the event started and it was perfect...barely any lines. By the time we left at 1pm, that was a different story! We especially enjoyed the Walking Dino show...my son was CRACKING UP the whole time. All in all, we had a wonderful time and the event was very well organized and the staff was very nice. I do think the prices are high though, especially for the adults, but the way my son looked at those dinosaurs thinking they were real made it all worth it! I also agree with some that it's more geared towards younger kids, maybe 8 and under. Good job JQ!
Veronica C
Houston, TX
August 20, 2018

Absolutely LOVED the event

We absolutely loved this event. We went while they were in Huntsville. It was laid back and relaxing. They layout was amazing! They has everything grouped together, which made it easier to navigate. The staff was nothing but smiles and they were so patient with children. I loved the hair nets for the rides with helmets. Best idea ever! I give this 5 out of 5 stars. The only complaint I would have is I wish parent prices were a little bit lower. Kids process I felt were priced correctly! We even got the VIP for our kiddo. Thanks for coming to HSV. I look forward to going again!!
Chelsea G
Huntsville, AL
August 10, 2018

Amazing Place!

Brought the kiddos to this amazing place!! The kids had a blast. As soon as we got arrived, Niko greeted us with a friendly smile and gave us a useful suggestion of how to navigate our way around. Definitely will come back when they come back!!! 5+ stars for Niko and all the staff!!
Edilia C
Knoxville, TN
August 15, 2018

Could have spent all day!

We had a great time at Jurassic Quest with our two boys. Everyone enjoyed seeing the dinosaurs and all the fun activities and crafts. The tickets are reasonably priced and the event well organized. It was a fun, clean, indoor activity to do in the heat of the summer. We could have spent all day there and will be back again!
Jehle Family
Houston, TX
August 25, 2018

20 Stars from me!!

My daughter and I went Friday in Raleigh at the convention center. HAD A GREAT TIME. Food was great. Ticket pricing and parking was very easy and convenient . Event was very well organized. Not too crowded, indoors was a big plus. Fossil digging take home is awesome. 20 stars from me!!
Amanda L
Raleigh, NC
August 23, 2018

Attention to Detail

I attended Jurassic Quest when it came to Charlotte, NC. I enjoyed the animatronics, and I thought the displays for the dinosaurs were great, too. The attention to detail was impressive. Every dinosaur also had a card to make sure I knew what I was looking at. By far, the best part for me was the tour. The expert called out the details in the models and used it to educate and discuss the animals. If you're attending, make sure you go on the tour! The souvenirs I picked up have brought me a lot of happiness since then, too. They were good quality, although it was hard to tell at the time. I hope I get a chance to go again one day.
Conrad C
Charlotte, NC
August 28, 2018

Great Time!

We had a ton of fun. The event was EXTREMELY crowded, but you can't fault them for that! I have a 3 year old and she had a blast. The staff was very helpful!
Martin J.
Missoula, MT
January 9

Cool Experience

My 6 year old and 20 month old had fun. The dinosaurs were impressive. It took both of my kids a few minutes to be comfortable getting close to the dinosaurs. My 6 year old enjoyed the rides and inflatables. We had fun using the dino head and eggs to take fun family photos. The fossil making was fun. When we went it was Sunday and it was not very busy. The lines were short and so were the waits. The workers were nice.
Kathy K
Houston, TX
April 16, 2018

Always wanted to do this

We took our grand-daughter to see the dinosaurs. There were more there than I expected, with most of them moving. I appreciated the fact that they have added a feather down to many of the animatronic dinosaurs.
Donna S
Boise, ID
January 8, 2018

"LIVE" Baby Dinos!

My kids loves the Jurassic quest! We had been to several different dinosaur exhibits but this one was the best. My kids loved the Dino rides and arts but best of all were the "LIVE" baby Dinos and walking ones! We definitely will be going back!
Helen N
Baton Rouge, LA
October 2, 2018

A++ Customer Service

First: If you want your kids to do the rides, get there 10 minutes before they open and do the rides first, then the exhibit. We got there early and our son was able to do everything multiple times but by 10am the place was packed with massive lines. I was a bit reluctant to go after the reviews on here but I was blown away by this! I brought my son who is 9 and although he was a bit old for the rides, he really enjoyed the exhibit and the fossil dig. I would suggest before spending the money at looking at their FAQ on their website first. This would be better for a younger crowd, say ages 4-7. Regardless, we still had fun and were pleased. A++ on their customer service as well. The guys working the check-in booth for online registration were really funny and entertaining! The puppeteers were engaging and so great with the children. The ride operators were all very nice as well.
Bend, OR
November 12

Great for the Autism Community!

My son has Autism and is obsessed with all things dinosaur . This is the first public place/event I’ve been able to bring him to, that he hasn’t had a meltdown from being overwhelmed at. He couldn’t stop smiling and had a blast! The lighting was perfect. He tended to be more calm in the exhibit since it was not so bright (very sensitive to bright light). The dinosaurs were also the perfect volume!!. He was able to walk around without his noise cancellation headphones. And having a food court with options was amazing , as he is a picky eater. He also LOVES digging and finding stuff in dirt and the fossil area was awesome and a perfect sensory activity for him ! I tell you this because this was seriously the best time I’ve had with my son, to not have to worry or be embarrassed that he may have a meltdown in front of everyone. In my opinion this exhibit is very kid friendly for the autism community!! If these pictures ever get used for marketing, event promotion etc, I hope it reminds this business that you guys do more than make awesome exhibits and experiences for people. You created a place where my son could be like any other kid, and for that I will always be thankful! If I see you guys ever back in my area of Texas I will absolutely come again.
Mackenzie Clark
Houston, TX
December 5, 2017

Get The VIP Wristband

We went to this event in Minnesota. It was amazing! All of the workers were so nice and patient with the kids. They were cheerful and helpful! My 5 year old loved it!! Definitely worth it to get the VIP wristband. She had a blast! We would attend if it came back to our city!
R Chalupsky
May 4, 2017

They're Real! They're Real!

My kids had a great time, my eldest was jumping up and down yelling 'they're real, they're real' when he saw the animatronics. The activities were cool and they had a great time in general. Staff did a good job, a few of them were really into it, especially the ones running the walking and baby dinosaurs. One guy, Stewart, who was running the dinosaur jeopardy did a really great job and was more educator than just attendant. Good time all around.
Terry Youmans
New York
May 23, 2017

Friendly Staff

Fun for the kids. Good info to read for the adults too. The dinosaurs are as real as you're gonna get...ya know...they're extinct. Staff was really friendly. As for the wait time...well there WERE a lot of kids ( target age group is 2 - 12 ) ...so...you're gonna wait a little. Plenty to occupy and come back later. Teach your kids patience. Less waiting after 5 p.m.
Jered McCallum
Dubuque, IA
April 2,2017

My 4 y/o loved it!!

My 4 year old totally loved Jurassic Quest and seeing all the dinosaurs. My only is would be with the venue. It was too small for the amount of people that attended.
Heather L.
Houston, TX
September 5

Enjoyed Everything!!

Had a blast. I brought my 5 yr old to the Salinas, Ca stop. He & I enjoyed everything!! I can't wait to go again.
Rynell W.
Salinas, CA
August 29

Good Family Fun!

I took my grand daughter to the show in San Francisco. We really enjoyed the play area, it was fun as was the fossil dig. The rides were age appropriate and enjoyable for her. Great time was had by all, good family fun! Will go again.
Ken D.
Livermore, CA
April 25

Amazing Experience

Amazing experience! Danielle at the face painting area was great with kids. Definitely recommend going here.
Andrew J.
Columbus, OH
March 6

Will go again!

Jurassic Quest came twice to Shasta County in the same year. I took my kids (4 and 5 years) both times and we were there almost 8 hours both times. It was worth the price of admission, the dinosaurs were huge and loud and took a little time to warm up to for some children, but they also have the greatest bounce houses I've ever seen, plus art activities, we went back and forth over and over. The staff we met were friendly and helpful and must be well trained, they did a great job. We will go again if they return.
Kay M.
Redding, CA
September 2

Had a Blast!

Decided to take the kids to Jurassic Quest to let them unwind and for me and the wife to enjoy "family time." I was stunned as to how much detail was put into the animatronics and displays! None of the Dinosaurs looked cheesy, and they all moved well. What was even better was the 2nd exhibit where the kids could do Dinosaur bone digging, inflatable jumpers, and ACTUALLY ride Dino's! Our kids had a blast and so did my wife and I. We'll definitely do it again next time Jurassic Quest is in town!
Daniel T.
San Leandro, CA
April 18

Lots of Fun!

Had a surprisingly great time with the kids at Jurassic Quest! It was great that it was all indoors due to the nasty weather. The 1st building had realistic looking dinosaurs (May be a little scary for very young children), and the 2nd building had an area where the kids could "bounce around" with jump/slide houses, ride dinosaurs, and dig up bones! Overall, we had a lot of fun!
Tracilyn L.
San Lorenzo, CA
April 19,

Love, Love, LOVED IT!!

I loved the show. My son at 3 Loves and knows dinosaurs and he loved going through the exhibit part more than once. Each time we read the cards. There was many activities we never even made it to. We were there 9-1 that is a long time. He got his face painted road all dinos more than once, read every card, met the baby dinos played in bounce houses and had lunch. Every employee was AMAZING. I am a server I see bad and good service. But I have never seen so many great, kid friendly enthusiastic workers. THANK YOU. DONT BELIEVE NEGATIVE REVIEWS. There is hours of fun, and honestly these dinosaurs and moving ones have to cost money. Pay a little and get a lot!
Kirri C.
Victorville, CA
August 7

He didn't want to leave!

It was really fun.. My nephew is really into Dinosaurs and they looked almost real. They were huge, they moved, and made noise. It was nicely lit as well. The play area was fun. They had food and activities the children can participate in. Lots of fun that day
Issa F.
Eastlake CA
September 1, 2017

Excellent Experience!

I took my 4 year old to the Charlotte event. We had an excellent experience! We spent a full 4 hours in the exhibit with adventures in every direction. We went on a Friday evening and the wait times were minimal for each activity. My son absolutely loved the "make your own fossil" and taking home the excavation project to extend the fun! Standing beside the dinosaurs was incredible to actually understand the magnitude of their size. The staff at each station from face painting to bounce houses were top notch. Loved the digital line for face painting. We got a text when it was our turn instead of physically waiting in line. We also especially loved the cartoon artist - John Pulley - on our way out. What a great unexpected bonus! His work is amazing - but also his joy of drawing is beautiful to witness. He never stopped smiling and dancing as he drew. The kids loved him...and his music too Thanks for coming to NC Jurassic Quest!
Julia "Jewels" F.
Charlotte, NC
June 6, 2017

This was an AWESOME experience!!!

We took our three-year-old and six-year-old to the Fayetteville, NC event this morning and they had such a blast that we went back this evening! The VIP wristband is definitely worth it. They rode all of the dinosaurs multiple times and we went to the exhibit with the giant dinosaurs five, yes FIVE separate times. They couldn't get enough. The bouncy houses and fossil digging pits were big hits too. We only caught the tail end of the walking dinosaur show but that was really neat. And they liked petting the baby dinos as well. I really feel like we got our money's worth. And the staff could not have been friendlier! We will definitely be back the next time they are in town.
Rachel T.
Arlington, VA
July 15 2017

Thanks for coming to North Carolina

I took my 4 year old to the Charlotte event. We had an excellent experience! We spent a full 4 hours in the exhibit with adventures in every direction. We went on a Friday evening and the wait times were minimal for each activity. My son absolutely loved the "make your own fossil" and taking home the excavation project to extend the fun! Standing beside the dinosaurs was incredible to actually understand the magnitude of their size. The staff at each station from face painting to bounce houses were top notch. Loved the digital line for face painting. We got a text when it was our turn instead of physically waiting in line. We also especially loved the cartoon artist - John Pulley - on our way out. What a great unexpected bonus! His work is amazing - but also his joy of drawing is beautiful to witness. He never stopped smiling and dancing as he drew. The kids loved him...and his music too Thanks for coming to NC Jurassic Quest!
Julia F
Charlotte, NC
July 6